Splitting Paychecks imbalances spending plan

mthoza Member
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If I split a paycheck and it has a transfer to a another account it now counts the entire paycheck deposit in "Transfers" and "Other Spending" as a gain.

It is doubling the available cash by counting the paycheck deposit 3 different places.

I have one 1000 paycheck deposit. I have 100 in bills and no other spending. My income after bills and savings should say 900. Instead it is showing 1900. Then in Other Spending it says I have a gain of 1000 from the same deposit. So my left at end of month is now 2900. Instead of the 900 it should be.


  • Coach Jon
    Coach Jon Moderator admin

    Hello @mthoza,

    Thanks for reaching out! To help clarify, could you please supply some screenshots showing the transfer transaction in both places, as well as the Other Spending tab? This would help us see what specifically is going on here.


    Coach Jon

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