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How does Simplifi calculate the data shown on Performance tab for Investment accounts? I have 2 stock trades and some cash in my account. One closed position in profit, another is still open but is profitable.

BUT Simplifi shows negative percentage returns. What gives?


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    It's hard to know exactly what you are trying to describe. A screenshot would be helpful to visualize what you are seeing.

    Anyway, Quicken Simplifi's Investment feature has been and I think continues to be a work-in-progress and will have moments of instability.

    The performance is a time period calculation and will vary based on the time period you have selected. I'm looking at a group of my investment accounts and these are my results based on different time horizons:

    • 30 Days = +0.60
    • 60 Days = -1.62
    • 90 Days = +0.02
    • YTD + -0.60
    • Dec 1 to today = +2.71
    • etc.

    Try using these menus to experiment with different accounts and time periods to see if that makes a difference.

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