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I am the treasurer for a small non-profit. I currently use Quicken, but do not use any online connections. My needs are very basic. I need to create an annual budget and track progress against that budget based on custom categories. I also need to use "Tags" from quicken. Will simplifi support this or do i need to stay with quicken? I would much prefer simplifi, as the treasurer role changes ever few years and it would be so much easier to just turn over credentials instead of having to transfer .qdf files.

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  • Coach Jon
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    Hello @johnson903,

    Thanks for reaching out! As shown in our help article describing the differences between Quicken Simplifi and Quicken Classic, Budgeting is a little different in Quicken Simplifi. Quicken Simplifi creates a Spending Plan automatically based on the Recurring Income, Bills, and Subscriptions you've set up, leaving the money that's left over as available to budget or save for other items, or to spend as desired as opposed to Quicken Classic's traditional category based budgeting system.

    If that is something you are interested in utilizing, then Quicken Simplifi could be a great program for you. I hope this helped!


    Coach Jon

  • johnson903

    If i could create the budget and then manage and report against it, then i would tend to agree.

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