Can investment transactions be excluded from the transactions activity?

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I am thinking about adding my investment accounts, but I don't want all those buy/sell transactions displaying under the transactions activity for my banking and credit cards. Is this possible?

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    This Support Article should give you the insights you need for investment accounts in QS.

    According to this article… "At this time, there are only certain Investment Transactions that can be included in Reports, the Spending Plan, and Watchlists, such as 'Payment/Deposit'. You'll be able to determine this ability at the transaction level by viewing the 'Exclusions' settings. These Investment Transaction Types, as well as the Investment Account itself, will be excluded by default. However, you can change the visibility settings for both the Investment Account and the Investment Transactions. All other Investment Transaction Types, such as 'Buys' and 'Sells', will always be excluded. Click here for more details!"

    I have mixed feelings about connected investment accounts. Currently all of our retirement accounts are manual, the main reason being I just don't want to spend the time necessary to keep up to date on editing all the transaction minutia in these accounts. These are all set up as manual accounts and I do update our holdings from time to time so as to have a more accurate Net worth report. I do have my grandkids custodial accounts connected since there is far less transaction activity to keep track of and the transfers from my accounts to their accounts actually reduces my net worth.

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