Add a wildcard to transaction name/search function (edited)

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So there's alot of transaction that start the same but change slightly everytime. So you can assign a category. Anything can be done?

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  • jeffzacharias
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    Searching for transactions is terrible. You can’t expect people to have to type things like “&03/02/2020,03312020”. You need a complete UI based search feature.

  • Coach Paco
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    @jaffzacharias We appreciate the feedback and so does our product development team!

  • Coach Tappan
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    @cconrado90 Let me look into that. Could you give me an example so I have a better idea what you want to do?

  • bcrossman
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    This is a great suggestion, if I understand it correctly, but it predicated on the ability to set transaction rules, which is currently missing from Simplifi.

    In Mint, for example, one can set a rule to always categorize expenses from a certain payee, like Target, as “Shopping” for example. The problem is that sometimes the payee will have numbers or other information appended to it, which changes all the time, so it is not recognized as the payee from the transaction rule. Adding a wildcard fixes the problem and applying the rule to any matching transaction, regardless of what is appended to the end.

  • Coach Tappan
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    @bcrossman That's helpful. You're right that we haven't implemented transaction rules in Simplifi yet, but they are coming. The wildcard option would the user a bit more control upfront in creating a template for the matching algorithms to follow. The only wrinkle I can foresee is deciding how to distinguish transactions from different locations of the same merchant, like a pharmacy, gas station, or fast food place, since there's often a unit number at the front of the string. Great idea, though.

  • cconrado90
    cconrado90 Unconfirmed, Member

    An example is hulu. It always starts with Hluhulu but has a different number every time after. So makes it impossible to give it the right category unless we can set Hluhulu **.

  • Coach Tappan
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    @cconrado Thanks for the example. I've turned this discussion into an "Idea," to give other users a chance to vote on it.

  • Could we get wildcard searches for transactions? example "Transfer * 7676" . For example the transactions might be imported from bank as:
    Transfer from account 7676
    Transfer to account 7676

    Transfer * 7676 would find both at same time.


  • Coach Tappan
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    @smrtrich That's an excellent suggestion! It just came up in another Community discussion, so I'm going to merge this one with it, to keep all of the comments in one place. Thanks!

  • jorder
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    This issue is expertly solved in your competitor app Copilot, which allows for partial matching. Would be great to have this in Simplifi, which has a much better UI than that app. Have your techs look at how the others are tackling this.

  • Coach Tappan
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    @jorder Thanks for those additional insights. Be sure to add your vote to the tally in the first post, to move this option up our priority list.

  • Here is my example