Pool Savings Accounts for Savings Goals Contributions (edited)

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Currently Savings goals are assigned to individual Savings accounts, and if you use multiple savings account, and move money between them for higher interest rates, it can be difficult to keep things in balance.

Could it be set up to do one of these?
1. Assign savings goals to the "Savings" account category.
2. Select which accounts apply to a "Savings" pool (savings accounts, investment, checking, etc).
3. If doing the above, maybe even assign how much of it is applied to the savings pool. For example, we have a buffer of one month of expenses that we keep in Checking, that is technically part of our emergency fund. would be nice to say that amount applies to the savings pool and then can have a single emergency fund.

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    Hello @abresh,

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  • I second this, especially as someone who uses Betterment's smart transfer feature. Money goes back and forth between my checking and savings account automatically...it would be nice to be able to treat them as a single account as far as savings goals are concerned.