Creating and Voting for Ideas in the Community

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Do you have a great idea to improve Simplifi or the Community? We want to hear it!

PRO TIP: Search for an existing Idea before you post a new one; you can browse the Ideas Categories here:

Feature Requests
Report Missing Financial Institution
Using the Community

Voting for an Idea
If someone else has already posted your idea, you can vote for it by clicking the up triangle under the voting count, either in the list of Ideas or on the first post in the thread:

If you accidentally vote up an Idea, just click the down triangle to remove your vote. You can only vote on an Idea once.

Adding an Idea
If your idea is brand new, congrats! Just click the 'New Post' button on the Community homepage, and then click "New Idea". Please be sure to add as much detail as possible to make your argument for why your idea should be implemented, and please also include only one idea per post. Be sure to also add your own vote!

Happy voting!

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