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I really like the forecasted cash flow feature on the web version, but couldn’t find it anywhere in the iPhone app.  Please add it!  I’d like to be able to put the cash flow graph for my primary checking account on my dashboard too.  Also I’d like to get a notification if my projected cash flow is in danger (too close to a threshold like $0 or something I preset)
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A Projected Cash Flow is now available on the Mobile App! This can be accessed from the Transactions View by selecting "See projected cash flow".


  • I second these requests. This is a feature that i used on my previous money app and it is super helpful to see what my balance will be in the future based on normal income and spending. I'd like it to be available on the app and also have a dashboard tile for it so I can put it front and center.
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    The mobile app does show the projected balance for Upcoming transactions.

    Go to the Accounts view, and select a specific account to view that account's upcoming transactions and projected balance after that transaction posts.

    That said, I love the line graphs, and have voted up the request.
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