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Link from Transaction to 'take from' Savings goal (1 Merged Vote)

achester99 Member ✭✭
edited December 2021 in Feature Requests
I'd like to see an easy way to assign a specific transaction to be 'taken from' a savings goal. 
For instance Christmas. I saved over time $600 in my Christmas savings goal. At Christmas time I go shopping for Christmas gifts which generates a transaction from the store that I shopped at, for $100. I'd like to be able to click a toggle or box that would subtract that $100 I spent on Christmas gifts from the $600 I have saved in my Christmas savings goal. So that the next time I go Christmas shopping I know that I currently have $500 available in that savings goal. It saves step of having to manually go and 'take from' the savings goal. I hope that makes sense.
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  • Brad
    Brad Member
    I agree! Since the goal automatically creates a tag, I'd hope that tagging a transaction as connected to a savings goal would deduct that amount from the goal total. 
  • Flopbot
    Flopbot Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2021
    This idea would be phenomenal!   :):):)

    I too plan to use Savings Goals, extensively, and would love to see them more thoroughly integrated with everything.  As a long term user of Quicken Desktop, Savings Goals have always been tedious and confusing to use and hard to maintain; requiring multiple register transactions (up to 6 per real world expenditure).  In my mind, they're a necessary evil in Quicken Desktop and I want them to be easier in Simplifi.

    The basics of Savings Goals have been much, much better thought out in Simplifi from what I see through the eyes of a new user and, with some tweaks, they could be outstanding.

    There are probably multiple ways to do this, but to surf off @achester99 's idea, I could see a fairly straightforward way being...
    1. Contribute $100 to "Christmas Fund".
    2. Spend $25 on Christmas presents and mark transaction as "Expecting a refund" on the Refund Tracker feature.

    3. Have an option/toggle like this...

    4. If you click "From Same Account", it would function the same way it does right now.
    5. If you click "From Savings Goal", it would let you select the desired goal (i.e. "Christmas Fund").
    6. Here's where it gets wonky since there could potentially be any number of situations/accounts associated with this one transaction.  For me, personally, my Savings Goal money physically exists in my SAVINGS Account, the present was purchased with a CC Account, and the CC will be paid off with a CHECKING Account so ultimately the $25 needs to get transferred from SAVINGS to CHECKING before paying the CC bill.  Any number of other situations could exist.
    7. So, at this point, one possible solutions might be this option/toggle...

    8. If you click the "Create transfer" option, it would have to give you the option of scheduling it on a specific date since I'd have to go and schedule the actual transfer on my bank's website so the $25 wouldn't physically show up for a few days.
    9. The "Christmas Fund" now shows a total of $75 remaining with the $25 having been returned to the appropriate account.
    I'm sure I'm not thinking of something, but these steps would cut out a number of the manual entries that were required by Quicken's other software (Quicken Desktop) to do the exact same thing and hopefully would cover many - if not all - of the possible ways people use Simplifi.
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    New to Simplifi in 2021.
  • Flopbot
    Flopbot Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2021
    So, I'm doing a second comment because I found a bit more info.

    I didn't realize that you can direct the Refund to be put into other accounts.  I can't think through how this would affect the above post, but it is intriguing.  Unfortunately, I can't test it in Simplifi yet since my CHECKING bank isn't supported...someday...hopefully...soon.

    Can someone who knows Simplifi much better than I think of a way that this ability could somehow help either @achester99 or myself to do what this post is asking for?

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    New to Simplifi in 2021.
  • Giantsfan
    Giantsfan Member ✭✭✭
    I would love to be able to have a transaction that is marked as the same category as a Savings Goal item, be automatically linked or assigned to that Savings Goal and have the money automatically withdrawn from the goal, and removed from the spending plan.

    That would save a lot of time and effort having to manually remove the transaction from the spending plan, and have to withdraw the correct amount that you have to manually remember.
  • Flopbot
    Flopbot Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I gave my reply on August 28, 2021 some more thought and think there's a pretty clean solution that uses an existing Simplifi feature (Refunds) and would improve the whole "Paying yourself back from a Savings Goal" type of transaction.  I turned in a feature request (click here).
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    New to Simplifi in 2021.
  • aewelch
    aewelch Member
    edited June 2022
    We've automated our savings so have a series of recurring transfers. I'd LOVE to have these recurring transfers connect to our savings goals (so no manual entry when money is saved) in addition to being able to connect expenses to savings goals (no manual entry when money is spent). I've created a separate feature request for the saving side here: Link Recurring Transfer to Savings Goal (
  • Suki
    Suki Member ✭✭
    Any update on this feature? Being able to identify which transaction is part of which goal is a very valuable feature.
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @Suki,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    If you navigate to the very top post in this thread, you'll see that the status of this Idea is "In Review" and that it was submitted to the Product Team in June of last year. There has been no further update since that time, however, please be sure to follow along here for future updates, as we will update the status accordingly as soon as any news becomes available. 

    -Coach Natalie
  • Is there any way to know where this is on the product roadmap? Is this feature or something similar 1-3 months, 3-6 months, or 6+ months away from release? 

    The lack of this feature is preventing me from recommending this product to my colleagues, friends, and family. From the ones I have shown the app to all agreed that without this feature they would be unwilling to purchase a subscription. For the reasons listed above and all the other threads related to saving goals. 

    Without this feature this product is not different then other free tools on the market.

  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @Nick S,

    Thanks for the inquiry and feedback!

    Unfortunately, there is no further info to provide on this request at this time. I'd suggest following this Idea post for future updates, though, as we will be sure to update it accordingly once any new information becomes available. 

    -Coach Natalie
  • RiversideKid
    RiversideKid Member
    edited May 19

    As spending for something that represents a savings goal I would like to easily categorize the transaction to the savings goal to remove money from the savings goal rather than remember the transaction amount, go to savings goals and withdraw funds for the purpose.

    This could be handled by assigning a Savings Goal to an expense category. Each time we create a Savings Goal we assign it to a category so that when a transaction is assigned to a category the amount is deducted from the Savings Goal. I would love the inverse as well, if we assign income to a category that is assigned to a Savings Goal then the Savings Goal increases by that amount.

    For example, I am saving for three vacations and as I spend money for airlines and rental car in advance of the vacation I would like to categorize each vacation expense to the correct vacation.

    Of course reporting would be cleaner if I could have multiple nest the categories so that I have a category called "vacation" and a sub category for each vacation. (My top level categories are already Essential and Discretionary.

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  • DannyB
    DannyB Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am squarely among those who want better integration of saving goals and expenses. I have been using our vacation savings extensively this year and it has become quite burdensome to manhandled all the vacation expenses ending up with quite ti discrepancy between expenses and balances. I never did get all our 2022 gifting expenses "properly" accounted for and reconciled with our gifting saving goal.

    My dear planning, design and coding friends... please move us toward full integration of non-monthly expenses into our monthly Spending Plan.

    Simplifi user since 01/22
    Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions.” ~A.A. Latimer
  • Md2023
    Md2023 Member

    I just signed up and am very surprise that I can't consolidate my saved goal with my actual expenses. How do I know what my balance available is if I make multiple transactions toward a saved goal. I am considering moving onto another platform

  • PJ001
    PJ001 Member

    Similar experience here - I was saving for car maintenance and recently replaced tires. Tried to link that transaction to the saving goal but could not. I guess I can withdraw the amount from savings goal but to me, linking the transaction to the goal would be a better solution.

  • Md2023
    Md2023 Member
    edited September 10

    2 months in and I think I have found an ok work around. To "use" SG, I would withdraw from my SG and "deposit" that amount by entered a transaction "+" excluding it from reports. This way I can see my true expenses in the reporting and use the savings for my current month spending. Of course this is a manual work around which if you have a lot of transactions, can be quiet annoying if you want to track this throughout the month. You could transfer an expected budget amount for the month to reduce frequent adjustments. This could also add to the "other spending" which I know some try to keep at zero.

    I also use this to carry over amount in my planned spending. At the beginning of each month, I will add a new transaction to "deposit" the balance from the prior month (assuming you have a positive balance). This "deposit" would be excluded from reports.

    The only thing I can't figure out is if this process would overstate my available balance for the current or prior months.

    Will this work? Is there something I'm not considering?