Ability to hide Net Worth

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While I appreciate knowing the Net Worth given my accounts if/when I show Simplifi to a friend or family member I would prefer to hide the Net Worth partially because it is so prominently displayed on several screens. Alternatively this could be a link/button to 'show'/'hide' Net Worth with the default being that it is hidden and the 'show' link displays next to it.
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  • Yes agree 100%
  • Please, Please do this. It is incredibly distracting and makes me not want to use Simplify at all.
  • Can you give us the option to either "Hide" or "Show" the "Net Worth" on the Dashboard, please?
  • we also want to "Hide" the "Net Worth" on the Dashboard, it's depressing to have that in your face every day when one has a humble amount
  • I also would like this feature for the web app.