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Release 2.19.0 - 2.19.2

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Hi all, 
Here are the issues and features that we were able to tackle with Release 2.19.0!

FIXED: The "Add Bank" MFA modal contains a back arrow and a back button. 
FIXED: The Import transaction dialog should have a back button in the header. 
FIXED: The "Rules" page doesn't load on some datasets. 
FIXED: Typo in Reset connection dialog modal. 
FIXED: Firefox: In the "Getting Started" process, the "Add Bill" is truncated. 
FIXED: "Ignore from Reports" mislabeled in the account settings menu. 
FIXED: Accounts in an error state or that were disconnected don't show the status of the account. 
FIXED: Inconsistent behavior when selecting category filters after performing a search. 
FIXED: "Ignore from reports" mislabeled in the account setting menu.
FIXED: Bank logos are squished. 
FIXED: Clicking on create a tag with your mouse while creating a new tag in the transaction field will generate the word after the tag. 
FIXED: The bottom row of planned spending dashboard cards cut off.
FIXED: Empty state for Watchlist details panel is truncated.
FIXED: Split Category will show in a spending report that has been filtered for a specific category 
FIXED: iPad: Monthly Summary is not scaled when viewed in portrait mode
UPDATED: Changes to the Profile tab in Settings. 
UPDATED: Do not include the initial "Saved so far" transfer transaction when calculating what the user has contributed to their goals. 
UPDATED: If an account is marked as "Ignore" showing ignored icon on the settings page. 
UPDATED: Bring back the ability to close the upcoming/projected section. 
UPDATED: Remove the gray header background on subscription alerts. 
UPDATED: Edit Expense/Delete Expense IDs needed for Planned Spending. 
UPDATED: Allow users to opt into early access to features for beta testing. 
UPDATED: Show "Care.Code" error in the add account 

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