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Release 3.4.0

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Hi all, 
Here are the issues and features that we were able to tackle with Release 3.4.0! 

FIXED: Not enough space between bank logos and error banner when the account that the user is trying to add is presented with an error. 
FIXED: In Settings, under recurring, when you click on Create and just enter a name of a recurring transaction, the app will hang. 
FIXED: In Watchlists, Watchlists show multiple instances of the target goal in the Spending over time Graph. 
FIXED: When viewing Monthly Reports, if the user has no data the Net Income shows as  infinity% high than (month). 
FIXED: Contribute to Goal modal for the Savings Plan goal bucket doesn't display after creating an expense. 
FIXED: Investment shares display the exponential value when a user inputs a long string. 
FIXED: The Username field auto-correcting when the tab button is clicked in the enter credential screen. 
FIXED: Credit card payments shouldn't show toggles for bills & subscriptions. 
UPDATED: Improved and changed the scroll behavior of the Goal detail card in Goals. 
UPDATED: Edit Reminder modal displays after changing the Spending Plan transaction amount. 
UPDATED: Added send feedback option. 

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