#TipTuesday: Using Tags

Coach Blake
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Tags are a great tool to help you group together transactions that have different categories! We have "default" tags within Simplifi, but you can also create your own or edit the existing ones.

Recently I had some vacation related expenses with different categories such as air fare, hotel, and tickets. I was able to use a tag that I created to monitor my spending while still using the appropriate categories.

We'd love to hear your best practices on using tags!


  • Coach Natalie
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    We have a few new suggestions for using Tags in Simplifi, so we wanted to give this #TipTuesday a bump!

    First, Tags can come in super handy if you're sharing expenses with someone else. You can create a "shared" Tag(s), or even create Tags with the names of whomever you're sharing expenses with. Then, when it comes time to pay your rent that's split with your roommate, or split the check when dining out with a friend, you can easily use the Tags you created to mark those transactions as "shared".

    This not only allows you to differentiate your individual transactions/expenses from shared ones, but you can also easily create a Watchlist or run a Spending Report based on the "shared" Tags, or even Filter your register by the Tags. This makes it super easy to see the expenses you're sharing with others!

    Another great way to use Tags is to track IOU's. If you've loaned money to a friend or family member, you can easily create a Tag for the loan, and then create a Watchlist for that particular Tag. This will allow you to easily track their payment progress!

    Finally, if you're tracking business expenses and personal expenses in the same account or using the same Categories, you can create Tags to differentiate your business transactions from your personal transactions. This allows you to easily see which transactions are business-related, as well as track your business expenses by way of a Watchlist or a Spending Report. 

    The possibilities for Tags are endless, and we'd love to hear from you on any handy methods you've found for using Tags in Simplifi!
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