Keep UPCOMING Transactions on CASH FLOW Line Graph Until Cleared

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New Feature Request--- Please keep all UPCOMING transactions (from SPENDING PLAN) on the CASH FLOW line graph until they are cleared.  UPCOMING transactions are flagged as PAST and removed from my upcoming CASH FLOW line graph when they are not paid on the exact date I expected to pay the bill.  This causes me to falsely believe I have more money available -- when in fact, I need to babysit my UPCOMING TRANSACTIONS and review dates of transaction items flagged as PAST.  Bills are not paid by my bank on the exact same day each month -- and sometimes my paycheck arrives early or late.  I want all of my expected transactions (from SPENDING PLAN) to remain on the CASH FLOW line graph until cleared.  My bills will always need to be paid, yet they are removed from the CASH FLOW line graph when they are flagged as past.  I love the CASH FLOW line graph, but it should work in a more realistic and useful fashion.  Please add this new feature to the CASH FLOW line graph.  It will save me time spent reviewing and updating expected dates for my PAST transaction items that have not cleared, yet.  It will also make the CASH FLOW line graph more accurate and not mislead me into thinking I have more available money to spend.  Also, please add the CASH FLOW line graph to the mobile app  - it would be lovely to have its information in my hands at all times.   Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. Sincerely, a Lover of the Cash Flow Line Graph.
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'Past' Reminders are displayed in the Projected Cash Flow graph until the next 'Past' instance occurs.


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    Hello @StuBudget & All,

    When reviewing this request, I believe it may be implemented. Simplifi is designed to keep 'Past' Reminders in the Upcoming areas of the program, including the Projected Cash Flow graph, until the next 'Past' instance occurs.

    I'm not sure how Simplifi used to behave in this regard, but the ability to see 'Past' Reminders in the Projected Cash Flow is definitely currently available in Simplifi. Additionally, a Projected Cash Flow has been added to the Simplifi Mobile App (please see here).

    With that said, I am looking to mark this Idea as 'Completed' unless anyone has any objections. 🙂

    -Coach Natalie

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