Create a new and separate Cash Transaction that is split from a Cash & ATM withdrawal (edited)

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Despite all of its other faults, Mint’s unique way of handling cash transactions is a really useful feature that I’d like to see Simplifi incorporate.

In Mint, when manually entering a cash transaction, you can opt to “Split from last ATM.”
Mint then adds the manually entered cash transaction as a new and separate transaction on the date selected. But Mint also — and here is the cool part — converts (or splits) an equal portion of the most recent “Cash & ATM” transaction(s) to “Transfer for Cash Spending.” If the manually entered amount exceeds the amount of the most recent Cash & ATM withdrawal, Mint converts the balance from the next most recent Cash & ATM transaction, and so on.

As a “Transfer” transaction, the amount split from the Cash & ATM transaction is ignored in spending reports. All that appears is the balance of the Cash & ATM withdrawal and the manually entered cash transaction. The feature is a brilliant way of monitoring and managing cash spending.

In Simplifi, I’m not sure you can enter a cash transaction at all. I know you can split a Cash & ATM transaction to reflect the categories on which you spend cash, but that spending then appears on the date of the ATM withdrawal, not on the date spent. In my opinion, Mint’s approach of creating a new and separate cash transaction that is split from the Cash & ATM withdrawal is much better.

Any chance Simplifi could incorporate it?

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    @bcrossman I appreciate you posting this as an idea so we can get some votes on this! I will pass this information up as well!