Ability to Pause/Skip Payments in Recurring Bills & Subscriptions

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Please consider adding the ability to Pause an Entire Subscription or simply Skip an Individual Transaction.

Use cases:

  • Pausing: We have subscribed to several food box subscriptions & streaming services over the years and find ourselves pausing them from time to time for 1-12 months while we try other subscriptions, go on vacation, clean out the refrigerator, focus our money elseware, etc., etc., etc.  As best I can tell, the only existing option is to delete the entire series - loosing all the linked transactions - and then recreate it later and relink everything.  That can be a real pain as there could potentially be lots of transactions in lots of various accounts.
  • Skipping: This happens more with CC Bills, but I have occasionally seen it with other recurring bills as well.  If nothing is due, I simply want to skip the current transaction.  Full disclosure, I have yet to press [Delete Transaction] since I'm a bit scared of what it will do.  "Delete" sounds awfully final.  "Skip" (which is the language in Quicken Desktop for this function) is certainly more friendly.

Does [Delete Transaction] simply skip the current transaction and leave the series alone?

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