Ability to Pause/Skip Payments in Recurring Bills & Subscriptions

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Please consider adding the ability to Pause an Entire Subscription or simply Skip an Individual Transaction.

Use cases:

  • Pausing: We have subscribed to several food box subscriptions & streaming services over the years and find ourselves pausing them from time to time for 1-12 months while we try other subscriptions, go on vacation, clean out the refrigerator, focus our money elseware, etc., etc., etc.  As best I can tell, the only existing option is to delete the entire series - loosing all the linked transactions - and then recreate it later and relink everything.  That can be a real pain as there could potentially be lots of transactions in lots of various accounts.
  • Skipping: This happens more with CC Bills, but I have occasionally seen it with other recurring bills as well.  If nothing is due, I simply want to skip the current transaction.  Full disclosure, I have yet to press [Delete Transaction] since I'm a bit scared of what it will do.  "Delete" sounds awfully final.  "Skip" (which is the language in Quicken Desktop for this function) is certainly more friendly.

Does [Delete Transaction] simply skip the current transaction and leave the series alone?

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  • +1. This would be especially useful to stop the recurring bill / subscription alerts i get on the spending plan page every month. 
  • alx
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    Seems the only way is to "End Series" which keeps the transactions around

    But there is no way to start up the series again. I now have 3 series all named the same thing, 1 active, 2 cancelled (ended)
  • Flopbot
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    To follow up on my initial post for anyone who's reading along.  I finally built up the nerve to press "Delete" on the Spending Plan section and I can confirm that it simply skips that one transaction.  It leaves the recurring transaction alone and it indeed shows up again the next month.

    For Simplifi's consideration, "Skip" would certainly be more friendly language to use in the Spending Plan.
    Quicken Desktop user since 2014.
    Brand new to Simplifi in 2021.
  • jaytek
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    I would like the ability to skip an upcoming payment as well. It has happened to me a few times where I don't have a card payment that month because of an extra payment. But bill connection only picks up what was reported on the last statement and is not aware a payment isn't due.
  • RobWilk
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    This works for me already, I can have a recurring bill/subscription - From the account (i.e. checking or whatever) I can see the upcoming transactions across the top, and at least on the web (I just did it yesterday), I press the three dot menu and select delete reminder.  This deletes the one reminder, not the whole series.  It seems logical to me.
  • uildvek
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    Oh that's good to know. I think it would be even better if we could pause a subscription continuously until resumed. In my case I had to stop a subscription for 6 months. It would be easier to pause it than to delete the reminder every month.