#TipTuesday! Bill Connect

Coach Blake
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We have recently released a new feature called Bill Connect. This new feature allows you to connect your bills to get updated amounts and due dates for your reminders.

I have connected all of my recurring bills and set them to update with the due date. This has allowed me to budget better by giving me the exact amounts of bills that change monthly, such as my Electric, Water, Bark Box and Credit Cards!

Here is how to connect your billers:
1. Click on your Settings
2. Click on Recurring
3. Click on 3 dots to the right of recurring bill series
4. Select "Connect Biller"
5. You can search for a bill or select one from our home page
6. Type in your bill credentials, click Connect
7. Boom! Your bill is now connected!
You can now edit your preferences for this biller by editing the series.

**If you link your credit card and pay it off each month, please make sure to set it as "When a new bill arrives, update reminder to" Bill Amount.**

Tell us how you make Bill Connect work for you!

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