Option to stop showing the pop up to assign a "New Category rule" (1 Merged Vote)

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Every time I assign category to a transaction, I keep getting a pop up that asks for New category rule. It is very annoying. Can we have an option to stop showing it each and every time I update a category on a transaction?
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The Rule Suggestion prompt can be disabled by deselecting the checkbox next to the "Create a rule to also rename this payee for future transactions" option when editing or entering the Payee of a downloaded transaction, or by deselecting the checkbox next to the "Create a rule to also use this category for future transactions" option when editing or entering the Category of a downloaded transaction, whichever applies.


  • asubbaiyanprof
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    I agree it's annoying; by default, the checkbox to create the rule should be off, but you can uncheck it, and it looks like staying that way.
  • They really should make creating rules an option instead of forcing you to make a decision on every transaction!
  • This is a terrible feature. It caused my to accidently recategorize 200 transactions! Took about 4 hours to set them back to their original categories.
  • This is kind of insane to not have this option. Why are you trying to create a rule based on one-off transactions? Support showed me a way to disable it but it'll come back any time I sign back in... very band-aid approach to fixing things.

    Also, please add the ability to auto-review some categories. I don't want to press 'review' for every time I take the bus! Add an option in the rule to auto-confirm/review.
  • This never used to happen and I'm not sure why they implemented this change. It is definitely frustrating and annoying!
  • I agree. It makes no sense.
  • Definitely needs to be optional.  Rules are great idea but I have too many vendors that use different categories.
  • carseph
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    Agree with this being an optional feature within the transaction. Should be able to opt-in / select to make it a rule rather than having to opt-out every single time. Thanks
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