#TipTuesday: Savings Goals - Withdraw to Spend

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We all save for things in life, house, wedding, new car, and retirement. Why not let our Savings Goals help you achieve those dreams? Our savings goals allow you to contribute, withdrawal and Spend! I think we all know how to withdrawal and contribute to the goal but let's talk about the spend feature. 

When you select to withdrawal from a goal, you are presented with 2 options. Withdraw to spend for goal and withdraw for another purpose. For this tip we are going to pick "Withdraw to spend for goal", from there you can then decide how much you need, this can be used for things like home inspections when buying a house, or paying deposits for your wedding. Once you decide on how much is needed and hit withdraw, you will now see a purple section on your status bar. The purple indicates the money you have spent towards your goal vs the traditional withdraw that will remove those funds completely from the goal. This feature allows you to still account for those funds you have worked hard to save towards this goal.

I am currently remodeling my home and this feature has allowed me to keep track of goals while still being able to make purchases and not lose all that progress, it helps me feel more accomplished at the end of the day instead of feeling like I am not getting anywhere since I have to spend money on some things while saving for larger purchases (appliances will be the death of my wallet).

Let us know how you use the Withdraw to Spend feature in your Savings Goals!

To learn more about Savings Goals, you can click here. If you experience any concerns or have questions about our Savings Goals, you can reach out to our support channels here.

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