Add "Refund From Savings Goal" option to Refund Tracker (edited)

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The Refunds function is a wonderful addition to Simplifi.  Thanks for adding it!  With slight modifications, it could be expanded to be more broadly functional.

There are two basic types of refunds:
  1. Refund from Someone Else (ex. Someone Else - Amazon - owes me money for a return.)
  2. Refund from Myself (ex. My existing Savings Goal has money set aside in a SAVINGS account to pay back my CHECKING account for some covered purchase.)
In order to pull this off, I think there would just need to be four (4) tweaks made to the existing process.  No existing functionality would be lost.

  • Add a second option to the transaction entry screen.  Something like this...

  • On Reports > Refund Tracker page, separate out the two types of refunds with each going in their own separate blue box. Something like this...

  • Add a button to the refund receipts for the Savings Goal ones.  Something like this...

  • When clicked, it would then ask for whatever information is needed to AUTOMATICALLY enter the necessary register transactions so the money moves from the Savings Goal to the destination account; ideally in one transaction that matches the real world.  Something like this...

  • I would then have to remember to create a matching transaction outside of Simlifi in my bank.

As it currently is, I don't see a clean way to handled this sort of "Paying yourself back from a Savings Goal" transaction.  If one exists, please let me know!

Thanks for your consideration.
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