Add Options for Different Budgeting Methods/Types

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While I can see the merit in the spending plan budget method for some people, others are used to other types of budgeting. I think this boils down to what makes sense to people based on how they thinking about money, income/expense, etc.

I personally would absolutely love to switch from Mint to Simplifi. There are a lot of things that work better, such as pending items retaining their notes, categories, and tags. Rules are easier to create and manage. However, I cannot monitor my spending in a way that works for me, with easy line items, etc. This prevents me from using Simplifi long term and I may have to cancel my plan. Since I paid for a year, I've been checking in every couple of months, hoping to see a change in budgeting, but so far there hasn't been one. Here's hoping this feedback has been common enough that the product owner(s) consider adding it. 
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    Agree with your sentiments.  Simplifi would be much improved if they could proactively build in mechanisms for handling different types of budgeting. You got my vote!

    I did find this very interesting Simplifi blog post…

    I’m new to Simplifi and still working through this in my mind too.
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