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Coach Natalie
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Hello All,

Here are the issues and features that we were able to tackle with the 3.33.0 Web Release:
  • FIXED: New Rename Rule is not detecting similar transactions with the same Payee.
  • FIXED: Spending Plan 'Close Out' action banner closes before all actions are complete.
  • FIXED: User's manual accounts showing 0.00 balance on Web App only.
  • FIXED: Dark Mode '+Add' account button is the wrong color.
  • FIXED: Search requires entering a comma to search/filter transactions.
  • FIXED: UI issue with Dark Mode and Spending Plan 'Close Out.
  • FIXED: 'Unused Funds' in Planned Spending not optimized for Dark Mode.
  • FIXED: Investments Balance tooltip for 'Balance today' pushes '30 day change' content to the right. 
  • FIXED: Watchlist cards are displaying Year to Date amount in the 'This Month' field.
  • FIXED: Making a selection from the three-dot menu on Upcoming cards does not close menu.
  • FIXED: UI issues with 'Connect transfers' modal.
  • FIXED: Spending Plan key is not aligned.
  • FIXED: Recurring icon on Planned Spending cards is in the wrong spot and is the wrong color.
  • FIXED: Planned Spending expense names over 30 characters are not ellipsed.
  • FIXED: Some Planned Spending expense categories require a refresh to view the graph.
  • FIXED: Planned Spending warning message missing punctuation.
  • FIXED: Zero-state Planned Spending page displays scrollbars.
  • FIXED: Creating a duplicate Tag triggers an 'unsaved tag' prompt over the 'tag must be unique' prompt. 
  • FIXED: Unneeded scrollbars displayed on the expense detail page of Planned Spending Items.
  • FIXED: Other Spending bubbles require a refresh when marking a transaction as 'Ignore from Spending Plan'.
  • FIXED: Key below pie graph should say "Left" in historical months in the Spending Plan (instead of "Available").
  • UPDATED: Updates to the date range for 'Recently earned' on the Achievements Dashboard card.
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Thank you!

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