Mobile Release 3.12.0 & 3.12.1

Coach Natalie
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Hello All,

Here are the issues and features that we were able to tackle with the 3.12.0 & 3.12.1 Mobile Release:
  • FIXED: After creating an expense in Planned Spending, the modal doesn't dismiss and brings the User back to Add Expense screen.
  • FIXED: Can't reconnect Charles Schwab accounts in Mobile App.
  • FIXED: Unable to view attachments on transactions.
  • FIXED: UI issue with the 'All' button in the "Do you want to ignore all transactions in this series?" prompt.
  • FIXED: App does not auto-scroll to the opened section on Create/Edit Series. 
  • FIXED: 'Up Next' card text is overspilling onto Achievements page.
  • FIXED: "Confirm dismiss without resolving" label misaligned in Spending Plan Close Out.
  • FIXED: Design issue with 'Unused funds' tag in Spending Plan Close Out. 
  • FIXED: Unable to upload attachments to Refund Tracker or transactions on Android.
  • UPDATED: Match design for Achievements earned on the Profile menu to the Achievements page.
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Thank you!

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