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Any plans to introduce alerts (email, push notifications) for Spending Watchlists? I like the idea of the Spending Watchlist, but would benefit far more from it if I could set alerts for when I go over the set Target amount.

I am very much hoping that is in your near term roadmap.

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Watchlist Notifications are now offered in Simplifi!


  • Marcus
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    @simplij - I agree, this would be a great feature to add
  • Coach Tappan
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    Great idea! Thanks for suggesting it!

  • I agree with adding notifications. Also, alerts for upcoming bills would be useful feature

  • vikram
    vikram Member

    Would love to get email reports very morning or weekly as to how i'm doing, rather than logging in every-time. I can also this functionality to send my wife regular updates which is lot easier to consume than asking to log in every-time.

    We can start with basic dashboard email followed by more detailed email reports

    I know todya i can share the login or take a screenshot and send an email , but as you can quickly see this just added a bunch of work for me in the morning, going to my laptop , signing in, taking screen shot, saving the image , opening my email , creating a new email , inserting screenshot, and sending the email and shutting down my computer. this all could be avoided if i just got an email that i can forward in the morning from my phone in 2 clicks :)

  • Coach Tappan
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    @vikram Thanks for your suggestion. A few other users have requested that we add optional "push alerts" by email or text to Simplifi for specific information, like posted transactions, payments due, or daily balance. I've merged your post with an existing discussion on the same subject. I encourage you to cast your "vote" for this function by clicking on the counter on the first message. You can also "follow" this topic by clicking on the Gold Star icon at the upper right. We appreciate your comments!

  • dgcom
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    As I posted in another thread Reviewed on Mobile - when an ability to mark transactions "reviewed" makes it to mobile app, there should be a way to alert at specified time frame to review any new transactions - if any.
    The use case - to be able to verify transactions daily, when is convenient - some people may like it in the morning, some want this in the evening...

  • Coach Tappan
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    @dgcom We appreciate the suggestion to add a reminder to review transactions as one of the options for notifications from Simplifi. Thanks!

  • Any eta on this feature? Currently the status shows as in progress.

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