Sort Recurring Bills by Date on the Mobile App (edited)

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When I tap the Upcoming Bill's card in the iOS app, the list is sorted by name. I understand why that is the case: it's the same view as the recurring bills management view. BUT, when I tap the recurring bills card, my _expectation_ is to see them sorted by date. Swiping the card to see more is less than ideal. I want to tap the card to see the full list in upcoming date order, and I would imagine that is what most people would expect to see as well.
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The Upcoming Tile on the Dashboard, as well as the Upcoming section, both have the Reminders displayed by date now.


  • simplij
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    Also, tangentially related, swiping in the card results in bills being weirdly displayed. It should always show two, but you sometimes end up with one in the middle and two halves on either side.
  • Coach Tappan
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    @simplij I agree with your comments. That's the way I'd expect the recurring list to populate, or at least to have an obvious way to change to date sort. I'm adding my vote to this suggestion!

  • iOS - Tapping Upcoming panel still results in my upcoming transactions being shown in alphabetic instead of in date order. Not optimal - at all. Both options should be available.

  • Coach Tappan
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    Thanks for the reminder. I've included this suggestion in a report to our development on recent user requests. "I'll post an update here if we're able to make the change.

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