Amortization Schedule for Loans

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I manually added a loan but I realized that putting in the starting balance and how much I'm paying each month doesn't give me an accurate remaining balance, due to interest on the loan. Having some way to either import an amortization schedule or to input the values right in Simplifi would be amazing. The payment can be shown, and you could split it up by what went towards the principal and what went towards interest.

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  • Coach Tappan
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    Excellent idea! We've been getting some good feedback on how to use Simplifi to manage assets and capital investments better. Access to an amortization calculator would make it even easier. Thanks for the feedback!

  • cfoxcvg
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    Big thumbs up for this. With any loan we need the ability to enter an interest rate and monitor principal and interest payments. I have been tracking my mortgage and manually doing balance adjustments every 3 months to keep the account close but this is very cumbersome and not a good work around. PLEASE consider the basics for tracking loans or any other addition you put to this program.