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I use leftover funds at the end of every month to contribute to my savings goals.  Usually I do that AFTER the end of the month.  I want to be able to add to my savings goals for the previous month.  Right now, it is pinned to the month when its added.
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  • mrzoops
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    I found this article because I am trying to do the exact same thing. Whatever is left over needs to be able to be allocated in some way or else its just lost money. This feels very important. 
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    The way we handle a lot of our savings is by releasing all remaining funds at the end of the month and then moving what ever was left over into various savings goals. We typically do this at start of the next month. This ends up counting the contributions to the savings goal counts against the wrong month. Is there (or can it be added) to set the date (similar to transactions) of the contribution so that it gets counted against the correct month? 
  • jbrian00

    I’m having the same dilemma a those above. Any suggestions?

  • Pchamb1998
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    Same issue here!

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    Same here. Since this thread is a couple years old I'm guessing it's not high on their list to implement.

    As a work-around, I may keep a separate savings goal for this purpose called "End of Month Savings", and use the "Exclude from Savings Plan" option for that goal in my savings plan.

  • simpli_matt
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    Under the Spending Plan tab, users are able to view previous months Savings Goals, and as part of that to view previous months' Savings Goals' contributions. Upon selecting the three-dot menu for a particular prior month's Savings Goal, the "Contribute to Goal" option is grayed out. Is it possible to allow users to make a goal contribution that counts toward last month's Spending Plan?

    My primary use case would be making final adjustments to last month's Spending Plan without affecting my current month's Spending Plan. After a month is over (and particularly after I "Release Available for Spending" from my unused Planned Spending), I often want to allocate the extra funds towards a Savings Goal. As it currently stands, however, the Savings Goal contributions must count towards the current month's Spending Plan. Doing this obfuscates the available balance for the current month. This effect become particularly prominent if I had lots of leftover funds from last month that I want to contribute towards a Savings Goal. To better reflect the idea that I am using last month's income to contribute towards a Savings Goal, I would find it helpful to make Savings Goal contributions that count towards last month's Spending Plan.

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    My primary use case for adding a date to the savings goal contribution/withdrawal is that you could then set up a projected schedule of when contributions/withdrawals will be made, which would allow savings goal contributions/withdrawals to be accounted for in the cash flow report.

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  • PM009
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    Not sure about others, but I will only transfer funds to savings after end of month reconciliation has taken place and my next paycheck has posted to my account (my way of keeping a "buffer" in debit account). It would be nice to be able to "contribute" to a Savings Goal in the previous month after all reconciliation has taken place without impacting the current month's Spending Plan.

    Hypothetical Example - Savings Goal for Jan. is $1,000 and by mid-Feb. I have my 1st Feb. paycheck post and I know that I have $1,000 from Jan. that I am ready to transfer to savings. I would like to transfer the $1,000 and apply the transaction to Jan. Savings Goal to be reflected historically and not impact my Spending Plan or Savings Goal for Feb.

  • boybridgman

    I wish i could upvote this 100 times…

  • Jds
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    I would like this also because I don’t always close out the month on the last day of the month due to, for example, pending purchases which are a “hold” at a higher dollar amount than the actual expense. I know I’ll have left over money, but before I contribute to any savings goals, I would like the pending transactions to clear so I know exactly how much is left over at the end of the month to contribute. I want to back date the contribution to the month I had left over money in because that is the month that I had extra. It’s only for visuals because the money doesn’t actually move and is not an actual expense so I don’t want it to effect the month following, in which I may not have extra to contribute to goals. It will just throw the month following off.

  • gatornova
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    This is ridiculous that this is still not fixed! I want to contribute to my goal after the month is closed out and when I try to do it adds to my current month and confuses my budget plan.