Add "Lowest Projected Balance" to Projected Cash Flow graph (edited)

Jimmy Glass
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The Cash Flow Projections is one of the most powerful features of Simplifi for me... Currently, I have multiple bank accounts that are used for different purposes, like Bills and Spending, Allowance Accounts, etc. 

In some of those accounts, I do not maintain significant padding... and I want to know if that account is ever going to go negative... and if so, by how much... 

Currently, after finishing my planning, I will review the Cash Flow Chart on the Web.. and mouse over the low points in the graph to find the Lowest Projected Balance. I also can see this on the Mobile App by scrolling through the table and identifying values of the running totals. 

It would be nice to have a calculated field of "Lowest Projected Balance" aligned with the view of the graph in an account for a selected time period... 

I am really impressed with the overall competency of the Simplifi Team. The product  conveniently provides me insights into my personal finances that I have never had access to. The in-line coaching is invaluable and the well-thought out communication channels (including this forum) are simply first-class... I look forward to working with this product for a long time... 
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