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Since we don't need to manually update Simplifi like one does in Quicken for Windows (hooray!), a "Last Updated" date/time display would be useful. (I'm assuming here that Simplifi is using a "pull" model for data retrieval. If it uses a "push" model where transactions are getting pushed from the Financial Institutions in real-time, my idea would be irrelevant.)


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    So had an issue with one of my accounts, and all I was able to see is 'Connected'. Would be super helpful to have maybe the last 4 digits/chars from the account so as to identify which it is (like it does when asking you about the accounts at the start). Would also be super helpful to have a last-sync date so that you could see when the last time it got data was? Then the final request would be to allow for a re-login / re-auth so that I don't have to delete the account and re-add it when something isn't working.

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    @hikerspath That idea of adding the last 4 digit is a great suggestion! One way to work around it until we can get it implemented is to identify an account by the transactions you recognize, and then change the name (including the last 4, if you like) by clicking the "Edit" pencil on the Accounts tab. We'll also pass along your suggestion for a "last sync" date. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Simplifi refreshes every time you log in or will report an error if it can't connect - I'm not sure where a "Last Updated" date fits in. Also, accounts can be re-authenticated when they they fail to log in without deleting. I like Coach Tappan's suggestion to add the last four digits to the name of the account if that info is desired - they made it super easy to edit account names as needed.

  • Coach Paco
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    @bowgy4 A great suggestion from Coach Tappan!

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    When adding accounts, Simplifi shows my ending account numbers when I choose what to sync.
    I see no way to view these later.

    Can we either add them to the transaction screen, or to the list of accounts in settings?

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    This is particularly important when Simplifi is having issues (like to understand what might be going on. Are my balances wrong because they haven't been updated from the financial institution for some reason or should I be looking at a different problem? I look for this frequently to confirm that "its not updating" is not my problem
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    I would love this feature. Right now I'm manually RESETTING my checking account DAILY just to pull down transactions. Not ideal. Simplifi has not once notified me there was a problem syncing my accounts. Seems like the sync issue started around the same time they implemented the "reset" account feature.
    Steve Piazza
  • Mike T
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    Would be nice when I am viewing an account under the transactions menu, to show me the last date / time the account was updated (i.e. when was it last successfully synced with the bank). 

    It could be right below the balance at the top of the screen.
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    Simplifi does NOT tell you when it last connected and downloaded transactions from your accounts. Today most of my accounts were NOT current and missing transactions since the last day I used Simplifi. There is no user notification of a failure - or a log file to refer to. If Simplifi is to be relied on it needs to tell the user the last successful date/time it connected and downloaded so we know if it's current or not. This is a showstopper for me.
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    Accounts should clearly display a timestamp for the last successful update.
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    Please show the account sync status somewhere.

    Having to look at the known issues article to find that one of my banks is blocking aggregation is not great. There is no indication that the syncing for the account had essentially stopped 2 months ago except for the missing transactions.