Web Release 3.52.0

Coach Natalie
Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
Hello All,

Here are the issues and features that we were able to tackle with the 3.52.0 Web Release:
  • FIXED: "Expected undefined" displayed for Savings Goals with no monthly contribution amount or target goal date.
  • FIXED: Changing Uncategorized transactions to a different Category redirects to the All Categories view in the Spending Report.
  • FIXED: Edit Expense in Planned Spending is shifting alignment after updating/closing.
  • FIXED: Nothing happens when attempting to update the amount of a Recurring Transfer.
  • FIXED: Manual transactions that are created after 9:00 pm PST are created for the next day.
  • FIXED: Various errors and crashes.
  • UPDATED: Settings > Rules changed to Settings > "Payees & rules".
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Thank you!

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