Add Dashboard Card for "Projected Cashflow/Balance Until Next Paycheck"

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Hi All,

I think it would be a great idea for us to be able to add a section/card to the dashboard (for both mobile & web) so we can quickly see at a glance our projected cashflow/balance until our next upcoming paycheck for a specific account.

Right now, these are the steps - which can easily be consolidated to a single step:
  1. Open Simplifi App. (1 tap)
  2. Click on "All Transactions" under the sidebar menu. (2 taps)
  3. Click on "See projected cash flow". (1 tap)
  4. Ensure the correct Account is selected.  (~2 taps)
The process is slightly faster on the web app, but we can easily consolidate this feature to simply opening the app to the dashboard and waiting for a refresh if needed. That's 4-6 taps down to 1.

For context I get paid bi-weekly, so I do not budget monthly or utilize zero-based budgeting. I budget paycheck to paycheck to know how much I have left after all of my recurring transactions. Whether or not if that's a good way to budget is up for debate, but a lot of people do budget this way to get by.

Ignore the bar amounts not accurately representing the numbers shown below. I did a quick edit of some HTML/CSS just to provide a really quick mock-up example. So basically, we could have a quick dashboard view of a projected balance for an account (or multiple) of your choosing. You would obviously be able to organize this and put it at the top, bottom, or hidden if you prefer.

I'm not sure how many of you have used the bank PNC, but they had an excellent (despite its caveats) feature that let you see what your "free to spend" amount was by subtracting any scheduled recurring transactions from your balance. An example is shown below, taken from Google Images. This is where my idea comes from as this significantly helps prevent overspending if we mainly use this account for purchases.

Hopefully I explained this idea well enough. Ideally, this shouldn't be too hard to implement as we already have the numbers calculated from the projected cashflow graph and the design backbone is already there. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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