Add an HSA Investment account type (edited)

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I would like to see HSA as choice under Investments. They aren't really any of the choices and I could view HSA account together.
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  • WEH38618
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    I have the same request
  • mverbree
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    Agreed, so it shows separately under investments.
  • FutureEye
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    HSA account will have a savings account and an invest account. Both we need to have tagging while we add them.

    Right now I am adding under other investment account and savings account.

  • I have the same request (minor issue for me). We choose to dump money into the HSA and let it grow tax-free for tax-free withdrawal a long ways down the road. Therefore, we consider both accounts to be "investments". Thanks.

  • Another request for HSA as an option

  • +1. Would be nice to have

  • Yes, being able to add would be great. Don't know why it's not already here, lot's of people have HSA/FSA accounts

  • agirault
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    It's just about a label, right? Nothing special about how it's processed/displayed otherwise? Feeling like the request could extend to just "custom label" if that's indeed the case.

    For example, I also have an ORP and 457B. Would be nice to just add labels for these as custom categories under "investment", but really just a nice to have.

  • No, not necessarily. Some HSAs are like Savings Accounts. Others support directed investments. Both are treated the same in terms of taxation. A discrete category for each would be ideal.