Savings Goals, what determines the order?

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Before I ask for the order to change (or be drag-and-drop-able like other parts of app), can someone (whether another user or simplifi staff) tell me their best understanding of how Simplifi goals are sorted for display?

To all appearances:
-They are not alphabetical (or reverse alphabetical)
-They are not sorted by goal amount
-They are not necessarily in the order (or reverse order) that they were entered

I sequentially entered goals as:
     step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5, step 6, step 7
(Where each goal is a 'useful subgoal', and the higher goals need not be reached but each goal puts me in a better position in the future.   Higher goals build on lower goals.)

And they are displayed on three lines on my screen on the goals page as:
Line 1:  step 7, step 6, step 5
Line 2:  step 2, step 3, step 4
Line 3:  step 1

(note line 1 the numbers descend, line 2 the numbers ascend.)
Robert D. Wilkens

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    Thanks, I voted it up, and commented on the idea post.  I know I probably "should" have tried searching the forum before I ask questions like this (I have a 'disorganized thought' disorder, which may be why i don't do that.).
    Robert D. Wilkens
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    @RobWilk, no worries.
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