New Feature Alert: Investment Transactions and Investing Performance Over Time

Coach Natalie
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We are pleased to announce that Investment Transactions have finally made their way to Early Access! With Investment Transactions, you can now track commissions, as well as perform Transfers to and from Investment Accounts. 

We also have a new feature called Performance Over Time that can be accessed from the Investments section. At this time, Performance Over Time has only been released to a small number of Early Access users, however, it will be fully released to all of Early Access very soon!

There are some important things to note regarding Investment Transactions, such as they are currently only available on the Web App, they're only accessible from individual Investment Accounts and will not be available in the Investments section, and they will not impact your Account Balances or Investments Portfolio in any way.

Please be sure to check out our Support Article for the full list of things to note, as well as for more details on managing your Investment Transactions:

We also have a Support Article available for Investing Performance Over Time:

Have feedback regarding these new features? We'd love to hear it! Leave your comments on our feedback post here:


  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited February 2023

    As of the 3.74.0 Web Release, the way you'll access your Investment Transactions has changed. When clicking on an Investment Account from the Accounts List, you'll now be taken to the Investments > Portfolio page (just like before Investment Transactions were released). However, you'll now see a “Transactions" tab! You can now also access your Investment Transactions from the Investments section directly!

    We'd love to hear any feedback from you regarding this change in our Investment Transactions feedback post here!

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