Ability to close out and archive or delete completed Savings Goals (edited)

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Idea: Add the ability to close out a fully completed Savings Goal and then be able to either archive and hide or delete it outright.  "Fully completed" means that the goal has been fully funded and all funds have been spent.

I am now in my 9th month using Simplifi and I'm already noticing a build up of completed Saving Goals. 

In a conversation with @Flopbot about SGs I got to thinking about deleting some of my fully completed goals just to clean up the "Complete Goals" section on the Savings goals page.  But it turns out that can't be done without Simplifi sending the funds in that SG back to your originating account even though that money has been spent and is now in someone else's bank account and you are enjoying whatever it was you saved for and purchased.

Thus the idea of being able to close out a fully completed SG and either archive and hide it or delete it all together.  Archiving and hiding will get the completed goal off your screen but still available to "see" in an archive page or report.  Deleting will simply remove the fully completed goal with no impact on your Simplifi accounts or reports.

For another idea to enhance Savings Goals by adding the ability to reset and reuse a Savings Goal see @Flopbot 's idea post here:

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