I would like to record a check No in my transactions, How do I do it?

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At the present time, I  am adding a tag for each check. This is not sustainable unless there is a way to delete the tag once I have recorded the transaction because the number of tags would shortly be astronomical, so how do I record a check no.? I, also have a second query. Should I record a transaction of my credit card wen I place the order, or when I write the check to the credit card co. (bank). This is my first posting so I would appreciate any help regarding what I should or should not be doing when I write the post.

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    Hello @XJarhead,

    Thank you for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    Since Simplifi doesn't offer a 'Check Number' Column, we recommend using the 'Notes' Column to record check numbers. For more details on using Columns in Simplifi, please see our Support Article here. You may also consider adding your vote and feedback here for the addition of a check number column. 

    When it comes to tracking your credit card purchases, we recommend recording each charge in the credit card account as an expense as they take place. When it comes time to pay your credit card, you would want to use a 'Transfer' category for the transaction, as 'Transfers' are neutral and won't count as an income or expense. 

    For more details on using 'Transfers', please see our Support Article here. And for more details on how credit card payments are handled in the Spending Plan, please see our Support Article here

    Let us know if you have any questions!

    -Coach Natalie
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     Welcome to the Simplifi community! You might find this post about checks  interesting.


     Whenever you have questions about Simplifi, just search for keywords in other posts or feel free to ask questions here.  Someone will certainly try to help you out.
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  • XJarhead
    Thanks, Coach Natalie, for your reply to my very first posting. As you can probably see, I am a very green newbie to this community. I would like an education as to how to make my way around in it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?  
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