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Right now there is no place to store check number other than manually in the Notes field. Most of the time the check number is in the transaction name (e.g. Check 345 091300229835). This is a three-part request:
1) A separate field for check number so I can easily filter to just see checks in order - easy comparison to bank statements
2) The check number field could potentially be limited to Checking account types.
3) Automatically parse the transaction name for Check-space-number-space and fill in the check number.

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  • Coach Tappan
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    @bowgy4 Another user recently raised this issue in this discussion. I still use what younger folks call "paper checks" for some of my bills, even though I started electronic banking a long time ago. Apparently I'm in the minority. The "check number" field is actually captured by Simplifi, since it shows up in downloads, but we made a decision early on that most of our users wouldn't need it. We've happy to change that if enough of our users (like me) express their support for the option. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    I understand not displaying the Check Number field by default, but give users the ability to configure the lists to display the fields desirable to them. The Check Number is just one example; another is the Notes fields that often display, but doesn't always (Split Transactions, for example).
  • When Mint started out, I was impressed with it but not having check numbers was a absolute no go for me. It’s a crutch I can’t efficiently do my finances without. I have used either Quicken or Microsoft Money since the 90’s, and am a current Quicken for the Mac user. I am trying out Simplifi to see if I recommend to friends and young people. 

    Is it very difficult to include a column we can turn on that shows the check number? Mint has thrived without me, so it is evidently not a necessity for a lot of people…. Thanks!