Separate column for check number



  • bowgy4
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    Ah, Microsoft Money. I loved that program till the day it "sunset" as they called it. That was the first Google move before Google took discontinuing products that tons of people use to a whole new level.

  • EL1234
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    When I enter a check that I've written which hasn't yet cleared, I follow the exact format that the bank downloaded transactions show as. However they very often still don't merge. I need to manually searched and merge them or it throws off my cash flow. If there was a dedicated check number field, I'd hope that transactions would more likely be matched properly, plus I could put the name of the actual Payee in the Payee field.

  • Definitely would like to have a separate field for check numbers, and also the ability to easily hide it as 90% of the time I'm not looking for or dealing with checks. But, when you need it, it should be there!