Transfer payments to credit cards not updating balances on cards

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I made a couple of transfers from my checking account to a credit card and even though I selected 'cleared' and today's date, Simplifi records it in the register just fine, but the balance is not updated in the projection or the left side panel.  It's like the transaction is invisible.  However, it seems to work on other accounts.  

I'm concerned that Simplifi isn't doing a good job of making sure that my balance stays correct based on transactions. 


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    Could you perhaps add some screenshots to help the community help you?  I'm having a hard time visualizing what your problem is.  You can always black out anything you don't want us to see.

    Maybe include things like:
    • Transaction Details
    • Projected Cash Flow Graph
    For what it's worth, here's a post (click here) where I laid out how I set up my CC's.  I'm not saying this is the right way according to Simplifi, but this method has worked well for me and has consistently kept everything synced (Spending Plan, Account Balances, Projected Cash Flow Graph, etc).
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