Don't feel like we are being supported with any urgency.

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For a paid subscription, not being able to get online transactions into the app, makes it very useless. I can literally connect and download my transactions from 4 other applications 3 of which are free, but for the pleasure of paying an annual subscription I am not.



  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @bobluck,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with the Community, although I apologize that you're experiencing difficulties connecting your American Express credit card in Simplifi. 

    To clarify, is this post to provide feedback, or would you like to report the issue that you're seeing with your American Express credit card account? If the latter, is the card through USAA? If so, you are most likely being impacted by our known issue with USAA.

    Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot further we can do from our end regarding the known issue with USAA, however, we are hoping that switching to USAA's API will help to resolve the issues that our users are seeing. In the meantime, there is an Alert available here that can be followed for updates, as well as a Discussion thread here

    Please let us know so we can best assist!

    -Coach Natalie
  • bobluck
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    Natalie, Thanks for the response. I'm aware of all you stated. I'm really struggling to understand what is taking so long, when this connection is working with 4 other financial services including Quicken. We are paying for a service that does not work, and have every right to be frustrated. I will not be renewing my service with a company that charges me for a service they are not providing. Software as a service has been a disaster for the consumer for years, and just keeps getting worse. I will also not be renewing my Quicken service, for an entirely different reason concerning planned features that have not been implemented in over 3 years, yet they still want to charge for a limited product. H&R will be getting my tax business next year, after 20 years with Quicken/Intuit products, I believe I've been more than patient. Perhaps the title of may post was not appropriate, you have been keeping up to date and doing a fine job of it. Thanks
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    I don't mind the subscription model when the subscriber can SEE progress.  We need a 'roadmap' and regular updates. I'm paying for development so I should be able to see what is being developed. It's not satisfactory to have them just 'drop' the occasional bug fix.  We expect bug fixes regularly.  How is the development going???
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