Issues syncing USAA credit card transactions to Simplifi

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I'm brand new to Simplifi and so far very disappointed because I've been having a problem syncing transitions from USAA since Sept. 6, 2022. The balances seem to sync correctly but my credit card transactions are missing. I did a manual import with the help of a Simplifi agent from Sept. 6-15th, but nothing since then has been downloaded/synced into Simplifi. It's almost the end of the month, this is an incredible amount of manual work for me, since SOME of the transactions were coming over, and now none are. I don't want to enter each individual one manually (even though before I did a bulk export from USAA into a new Excel file I created with the correcting headings etc.). Will this be resolved? Is there a way for this to be less work, can I just import the entire month of Sept. or something? But then how do I prevent duplicate entries for the few that do exist already?  Thank you! 

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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @KTemp,

    Thank you for reporting this issue to the Community, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with USAA in Simplifi.

    Sadly, we have a known issue with USAA returning errors, missing transactions, and accounts not showing as available to add. There is currently no ETA on a resolution, however, the issue is being worked on. In the meantime, we have a Community Alert that can be followed for updates.

    When it comes to importing transactions, you should be able to import as many as you'd like. You can either get a file from USAA directly, or you can use our import template. You also have the option of manually entering the transactions in Simplifi as they take place. Once downloads resume again, Simplifi will identify the manually entered/imported transactions and not re-download them. When importing transactions specifically, Simplifi should also identify existing ones and not reimport them. 

    More details on importing transactions can be found here, and more details on manually entering transactions can be found here. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

    -Coach Natalie


  • KTemp
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    Thank you, that should do it! I hope the USAA issues get resolved ASAP... I'm really excited about finally tracking my expenses properly, the reporting features and the spending plan, and I want to like Simplifi, but this non-functionality with importing transactions definitely makes that hard to do.  I will say Simplifi's help/customer service has been amazing. Thanks for your quick answers, and thanks to the previous coach over chat as well! 
  • Hello Simplifi. I see another thread discuss the "Ongoing" issue Simplifi is having with USAA. What I don't understand is why the discussion thread is closed when the issue is "ongoing" 

    Anyways, I switched to Simplifi in March. It's been good, I prefer Quicken, but using any device to update Simplifi is a most. All my accounts have been working, outside of the occasional misalignment with account balance. Well after Simplifi updated this week the update broke the connection to my USAA AMEX card. I removed USAA and and then reconnected, no joy. This is unsat and I never had this issue for longer than a day with Quicken. The credit card in question is used for daily transactions and I pay the balance weekly. 

    It would be nice if Simplifi could:
    1) Keep discussion threads for "Ongoing" issues open. 
    2) Provide updates on the thread to show the issue is being worked/addressed. 
    3) Provide an ETA for the next update. 

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    Same problem here, three accounts linked to USAA in Simplifi via the same master user account, only the Credit Card acct is not pulling transactions since Sep 1, 2022.  Balance seems to update but no transaction fill for it.  The checking and savings sync accts sync fine.  Is this a USAA side issue or a Simplifi side issue?  Would this issue exist under Quicken sync too possibly since i assume they use similar engines?  Is it a Simplifi application side problem (application code?) or is it related to the data communication traffic between my USAA CC account and My Simplifi Account?  This issue is almost a deal breaker for me since it has dragged on for so long now and since the USAA accounts are so core to my overall finances, probably the accts I keep the most eye on daily.  After syncing transactions for about 20 years, you would think Simplifi/Quicken corporation would have this process standardized and down pat by now.
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @bealrobe & @cymirk,

    Thank you for posting to the Community, although I'm sorry to hear that you're both experiencing issues with USAA in Simplifi. 

    @bealrobe, the referenced topic is not a Discussion; it's an Alert and is for information purposes only. Therefore, Alerts are intentionally closed to comments. This is posted at the top of the Current Online Banking Issues page, as well as other Alert sections of the Community:

    Additionally, the Alert was updated just last Friday stating that the issue is still ongoing. As soon as any new updates become available, including an ETA on a fix, we will continue to update the Alert accordingly. Sadly, at this time, the Alert is still ongoing and there is no ETA on a resolution. 

    @cymirk, although I'm not aware of where the problem lies, we are actively working with our Service Provider and USAA to get the issues resolved. Quicken is also seeing the same issues, and they have Alerts available in their Community as well.

    We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the ongoing issues with USAA!

    -Coach Natalie
  • Coach Natalie thank you for the response. Another frustration is downloading and importing csv files. 

    As work around for the account synce issue I tried to download the csv file for my USAA credit card.
    I tried the CSV from USAA and the import failed. 

    I then used the provided template and took the time to cut and past the columns into the Simplifi template. I uploaded the file into my manual created credit card in Simplifi. I did not receive an error from Simplifi. However, the line items/transactions do not show up in my account. 
    I later determined this my Mac saved the file a "numbers' file. 

    I then used numbers to export the file as a csv. Import to simplifi failed. I then opend the csv file created by numbers in excel and then saved again using excel. Success. 

    Will try only excel in future. 

    Bottom Line: This is painful 
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    I'm sorry to hear of the frustration, @bealrobe, but I'm glad that you were ultimately able to get your transactions imported. 

    Our Support Article on importing transactions may help with future imports: :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • mike_fuss
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    I know USAA made some interface changes on their website so I wonder if that is the cause, but my USAA credit card account has not updated in simplifi since the change. (10/18/2022).
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @mike_fuss,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with USAA in Simplifi. 

    Sadly, we are currently seeing some issues with USAA that include various error codes, missing transactions, as well as accounts not showing as available to add when going through the Add Account flow. We are working with our Service Provider to resolve this matter as quickly as possible, however, there is currently no ETA on when a resolution can be expected.

    In the meantime, we suggest following our Community Alert for updates on the known issue:

    -Coach Natalie
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    I have been having the same problem with USAA credit card specifically. My other USAA accounts load correctly, but the credit card transactions do not load. Thank you for continuing to work on the issue.
  • I love Simplifi, but without Apple Card, and now with no USAA for over 2 weeks, I'm going to have to think about switching to a service that is working. I know there are a lot of things out of any one persons control, but this is unsatisfactory for a financial service.
  • Same issue for me...
  • Same issue for me as well...only the credit card account is not updating, since about 10/16.   I tried "resetting" the connection which did not help.  
  • KTemp
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    I have the EXACT same issue, still, as @cymirk, and it's also about to be a deal breaker for me. The whole point of getting Simplifi is to track where my money is going and create a budget, and I use my CC for 95% of my transactions. I also don't understand why after 20 years, this is not working... I used to work for Intuit and this is pretty disappointing to say the least, and that this has been going on for over 2 months with no resolution nor an ETA on a resolutions. That is a lot of transactions. Is there a way to escalate this? I am certain we are not the only ones with this problem. USAA is not a small bank. Thanks! 
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @KTemp,

    Thank you for sharing additional feedback!

    To clarify, the issue with USAA has already been escalated and our Service Provider is actively working to resolve it. In the meantime, our Community Alert can be followed for updates.

    We appreciate your continued patience!

    -Coach Natalie
  • Hi - this is so disappointing to uncover. I just purchased Simplifi and I absolutely would not have if I had known that my USAA credit card transactions would not sync. I’ve bookmarked the issue alert, but I wanted to add my voice to the others asking for a quicker resolution. 
  • Redraiderr2009
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    Same issue here. It loads the other 12 checking, Savings, Investments, etc... but not the credit card account. Last transaction was 10/16/22
  • Same issue for me. Checking/Savings work fine, but the credit card has not updated for a month or so. 
  • I agree that this is a big deal. Our household uses a USAA credit card for nearly all of our spending and we don't have a good way to keep track of things and haven't since mid October. I'm tempted to manually export my transactions but that seems like a great way to make duplicate transactions once things start syncing again (hopefully) soon. 
  • KTemp
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    Agree with others above obviously. Yes, still waiting, and it's been almost 3 months. I give this another two weeks and then am requesting a refund. This is seriously insane at this point. Any updates? 
  • Ulysses
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    I can't use Simplifi without USAA.  I realize Personal Capital has similar problems with USAA since September.  I wish USAA would get their new web site redesign sorted and work things out with aggregators, quickly. 

    But for Simplifi: Why does it take 5-6 months to just start using USAA's API?  What specifically is the holdup?

    I can't wait to get rid of USAA in late 2023 (for many reasons), but until then, I can't pay for Simplifi without working automatic USAA imports.  I mean, my credit card account isn't even recognized as an importable account (even though checking is).
  • carlsoncw5
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    About 3 months now.  Still not working.  As a work around Simplifi should keep instructions handy for people to do this manually.  All I'm provided with is the generic instructions for CSV and was told to talk to USAA to get instructions for downloading it.
  • carlsoncw5
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    In case someone else runs into this thread I wanted to let people know of a related issue.  I have Venmo linked to my USAA credit card.  When you change the account to 'manual' and import CSV file into Simplifi, these transactions get mis-interpreted as transfers.  It's not a problem to change them either in the CSV file or in Simplifi but something to watch for.
    I hope this gets fixed soon...
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    I saw this post on a quicken page ([removed - inaccurate]) and I'm optimistic that there is a fix in the works for USAA credit cards;
  • Secure_User
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    I was able to export my transactions from USAA to a .csv file and import them into Simplifi. While this is a pain, it keeps my information current until this is resolved.Just hit the export button and choose the date range. In my case, I had to ensure that I did not change the column width or anything in the Simplifi import template other than the actual transactions. 

    [edited image to reduce size]
  • Klimtog
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    We are now approaching 4 months of Simplifi's inability to sync transactions with USAA's credit card. What is the ETA for fixing this? You must have a business relationship with USAA. We paid for a service that can't be rendered. 

    [removed - disruptive]

    These broken promises is becoming all to common in the service / subscription model space.
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @Klimtog,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community, although I apologize for the frustration incurred.

    Sadly, there is no further update to provide on the known issues with USAA, including an ETA on a resolution. As mentioned in our Community Alert, we're hoping that switching to USAA's API next year will help to resolve this matter. In the meantime, we suggest following the Alert for updates. 

    We appreciate everyone's patience!

    -Coach Natalie
  • SLM231
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    New user. I was able to connect nearly a years worth of transactions from US Bank. I tried to connect our Ally Bank account which available with Simplifi. And now I connect my main bank USAA (checking and credit card which are used daily) and can get balances but not transactions? I had no problem connecting USAA to [removed], but didn’t like the ED system. Ugh! Unhappy new customer! 
  • It would sure be nice to have more of an explanation than the typical post on the discussion board that says “This Alert is still listed as ongoing and there is currently no ETA on a resolution”.

    How exactly is Simplifi actively working with USAA? Are conversations being had with the two companies daily? Weekly? Because I just find it hard to believe with all of the technology capabilities available today, this issues can’t seemed to be resolved over a period of 5 months…

    Is USAA the issue? Or is Simplifi the one unwilling to change their platforms? Simplifi is a subsidiary of Quicken, yet Quicken seem to connect with USAA with no problems. SO maybe someone should ask them to help??
  • I'm tempted to say USAA is the problem since Personal Capital is also experiencing issues with them. I noticed that MoneyDance is able to import the credit card and the checking accounts just fine, and it uses Plaid to connect. Are we using Plaid here on simplifi to connect to our outside accounts?
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