Web Releases 3.72.0 & 3.72.1

Coach Natalie
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Hello All,

Here are the issues and features we were able to tackle with the 3.72.0 & 3.72.1 Web Releases:
  • FIXED: Creating a 'twice a month' Recurring Series is skipping the next instance. 
  • FIXED: Closed accounts are still showing a balance. 
  • FIXED: Cursor jumps to the end when editing a Tag. 
  • FIXED: Account chip color and Graph color don't match in the Investments Performance chart. 
  • FIXED: Upcoming cards are missing account names when viewing Account Headers. 
  • FIXED: If all holdings in a manual investment account are deleted, the Balances page will show the previous value before the holdings were deleted. 
  • FIXED: The year is truncated in the graph of the Spending Report.
  • FIXED: Connected loan accounts are showing an incorrect or $0 balance. 
  • FIXED: Investment accounts with a $0 balance are showing a balance. 
  • FIXED: Various errors and crashes. 
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Thank you!

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