Make Credit Card Bills a separate entity from Recurring Transactions (edited)

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Credit Card bills can now only be set up as recurring transactions, but I'd rather see them as separate entities tied to the credit card account, not the account that I pay them from. I can pay them lots of ways, not with the same account and they are never the same amount. I want to know how much I owe for each credit card (statement balance and minimum would be nice, but I always pay the statement balance, and automatically when allowed). I would like these on a calendar. My main use case is to make sure that the account that does the autopays has enough in it to cover all of my credit card bills. is moving towards this approach I think. My small bills, like my Hulu $2.15 per month bill that goes to a credit card is tons less important than the $2800 credit card bill due on the 3rd of the month that could cause an automatic payment to bounce.

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  • Coach Paco
    Coach Paco Moderator admin

    @barryh Great suggestion!

  • Tickko
    Tickko Member ✭✭

    I think having the ability to have bills that you can then schedule into the activity transactions as pending would be a really nice addition. Similar to how Quicken handles bills.

  • LoftyDuck
    LoftyDuck Member
    I would also love this feature. I have 4 different credit cards that vary widely month-to-month with the statement balance that I pay out of my checking account. I can manually enter a transaction for a future date, but the UX could be improved so that I can enter the scheduled payment for each credit card in one place. Then it will automatically be added to the correct accounts with the right category (transfer). As barryh said - the goal here is to ensure whatever account you are using to pay the credit card will have sufficient funds at a date in the future.
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