'Planned spending' Expense series that were completed deleted are reappearing in future months

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Under ‘Spending Plan’ → ‘Planned spending’ → Expenses (cards)
I have deleted an entire series of an expense (e.g. one called “Auto") and confirmed after deleting that it did not appear in future months. Seemed to work just fine, but then after a while, that expense series (and other previously deleted expense series) reappeared in all my Planned Spending months including future months… Has happened multiple times recently, and I have to remove the series all over again.



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    Just to make sure. If you delete it from Spending Plan>Planned Spending using this button, it ONLY deletes if from the current month…

    If you delete it from Settings > Recurring using this button, it deletes it from EVERY month.

    Are you sure you delted the entire series or just one instance? The difference threw me for awhile until I realized that clicking “Delete Reminder” wasn't going to kill the entire series.

    If you indeed, clicked Delete series, then yeah, that would likely be a problem that Simplifi would need to get involved in.

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    I think ‘planned spending’ and ‘recurring’ transactions are different things.

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    @jtri1001 This is not an unknown problem. It happened to me awhile back.

    Is this what you are experiencing? I thought it had been resolved.

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