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I am hoping that Simplifi can make some changes to Tags to Archive. At times, if I take a special trip, or use it for a special project at home, and would like to archive it so that they don't show up each time. My ask is that I would like the functionality to use tags on a temp basis, and archive these when they are complete.

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  • RobWilk
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    Something like a "HIde from list" (the way they were talking about the ability to hide accounts) option, would be useful. Ideally it would be like a checkmark that could be hidden and unhidden.

    For me, this is not a high priority, but it would be useful.


    Rob Wilkens

  • I would also like this feature, in the form of a 'hide from list' checkbox. I want to use the savings goal feature for quite a few smaller goals, and once those goals are complete, be able to hide it from the tag list without deleting the tag. I still want the tag to be associated with those transactions, but at this rate the list is going to get longer and longer.

    It would also be nice to hide or archive old completed savings goals.