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    I have the same question! In addition, I've been entering checks as Pending so that I can monitor them and be aware of what might be deposited on any given day. I'd like to see an indication of those in the cash flow for my checking account.

    Another question - is there a way to indicate which checking account is used to pay my credit cards? I have them set up with autopay on their due dates and would like to see those taken into account in the cash flow projections. Do I need to enter them manually each month in order to see them listed in the cash flow before they are actually paid?

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    Hello @EL1234,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    When manually entering future-dated transactions, such as entering checks that you've sent, these will become part of the 'Upcoming' modal. This means that you'll see them as Reminders in the Upcoming section and the Projected Cash Flow. Our Support Article here has more details on using Projected Cash Flow in Simplifi

    To have a Credit Card Payment be displayed in the Projected Cash Flow of your checking account, I'd suggest setting these up as Recurring Series' for your checking account so you can plan for them in the Projected Cash Flow of that account accordingly. Our Support Article here has more details on creating Recurring Transactions in Simplifi.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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    Hi @EL1234,

    Looks like @Coach Natalie has you well covered, but I thought I'd share this link as well. With your "another question", maybe you'll find it useful - it's how I set up my CC's in the Spending Plan (click here). This specific setup does have me entering my CC payment each month and has worked really well for me. When I enter my CC payment, it does indeed cause the Projected Cash Flow to adjust up and down appropriately. By an large, I do trust that my Projected Cash Flow is generally accurate up to 2-3 weeks out.

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