Ability to deactivate/reactivate accounts in Simplifi [edited]

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To be able to deactivate an account in Simplifi from updating and reactivating them to download.

*Most of the accounts that use 2fa seem to cache credentials so that it is not required every time I refresh the account. But the Kohl's Credit card and T. Rowe Price accounts ask for 2fa every time. Is this something that can be addressed with those providers?
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The ability to Reset Account Connections, which is similar to Quicken's deactivate/reactivate process, is available as of the 2.17.0 release.


  • Coach Paco
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    @perrynmyers It's something that we have been working on for a while but with multi-factor authentication is entirely dependent on those bank's security. While we have been working to see if something can be done about this, for the time being, you would have to continue to do those bank's multi-factor authentication.

  • perrynmyers
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    Thanks for the info, and understood that sometimes we're at the mercy of these providers/banks.

    Ok, then can I change this request to be a feature one. That is... can we configure certain accounts to be refreshed every time you log in and other accounts to be refreshed only on specific demand?

    The annoying part about the 2fa accounts that require reauth every time is that I get error dialogs for those two accounts every time I log into Simplifimoney.com. I'd rather just have those two accounts NOT update each time I log in, and have to take a separate action to manually do it once and a while.

    So, can we keep this discussion open around that idea for a feature?
  • Coach Paco
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    @perrynmyers I understand where you're coming from but for the time being, the only other option you have is to turn off the multi-factor authentication off on your bank's website but that has it's own risks. What I'll do is turn this into a post about deactivating accounts within Simplifi becasue that is what would need to be done to stop updates from happening to those accounts. Right now, the only options for acccount connectivity is just connected and deleting the account from your Simplifi.

  • perrynmyers
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    The ability to selectively deactivate sync for certain accounts, and then manually reactivate them when/if you want to do the updates, is what is needed here.

    As a user, I don't want to:
    1) Reduce my security by removing 2fa from my bank accounts
    2) Get an error dialog every time I log in, for every account that is requesting a repeat 2fa re-auth
    3) Have to delete an account entirely from the platform to prevent these error dialogs from coming up

    So, your suggestion of allowing specific accounts to be deactivated from automatically doing transaction updates from the bank is a good one, and helps to resolve the issue.

    As a user this would allow me to:
    1) Selectively disable automatic transaction downloads for specific banks/online accounts
    2) I can reenable an account periodically to do a sync from time to time, as needed. When I do this, I'll have to reauth using 2fa
    3) I won't get error dialogs every time I log in to Simplifimoney, and instead will only have to deal with the extra 2fa when I choose to do a manual sync by temporarily reenabling one of these accounts.

    Does that all sound reasonable?
  • Coach Paco
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    @perrynmyers Sounds reasonable to me :smile:

  • perrynmyers
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    Ok great! I'll continue to follow the thread if/when there are any updates on that sort of feature being implemented. Thanks for hearing out my concerns and for your suggestion for a feature based workaround to the issue!
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    100% agree with this feature request. My Kohl's account is $0 for 90% of the time and just letting it sit without 2FA for weeks would be great.
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