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Hello All,

Here are the issues and features we were able to tackle with the 3.75.0 - 3.75.2 Web Releases:

  • FIXED: Upcoming tile on Dashboard and Upcoming carousel displays Linked Transfer Reminders twice, the Upcoming tab does not.
  • FIXED: Some Category names are truncated in the Edit Series modal.
  • FIXED: 'Update' button on the Edit Reminder window is the wrong color in Dark Mode.
  • FIXED: Payee names altered in the graph area of Reports.
  • FIXED: Linking a Refund to a pending income transaction causes the transaction to disappear and no link occurs.
  • FIXED: "Pending" status of transaction not cleared when marking a transaction as "Cleared" from a Planned Spending expense.
  • FIXED: Transactions that are split with an Income and an Expense Category are listed twice in the Transaction Activity of the Net Income Report.
  • FIXED: "Cash flow" Investment Transactions can be edited inline in Reports, whereas some fields should not be editable.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary line below the Available amount in the Spending Plan.
  • FIXED: Payee names are misaligned in their text box under Settings > Payees & rules.
  • FIXED: Border on Watchlist Dashboard cards is hard to see in Dark Mode.
  • FIXED: An unexpected menu appears when using the Enter key to update a custom amount in the Spending Plan.
  • FIXED: "X" is missing/not visible on Undo prompt in Light Mode.
  • FIXED: 'No transactions found' message displayed when transactions are refreshing.
  • FIXED: Account Name field is misaligned/cut off when in edit mode.
  • FIXED: Clearing all Notifications doesn't dismiss the Notifications popup window.
  • FIXED: New datasets show 'Finalize last month's plan' on the Dashboard; selecting "Go Now" results in a crash.
  • FIXED: User has "Past" Reminders in the Spending Plan that have been linked to transactions.
  • FIXED: Account type header for 'Home Loan' is missing in Upcoming > Cash Flow.
  • FIXED: User's Transfer transactions aren't linking to the proper transaction when selecting "Go to other side".
  • FIXED: Scroll bar for the Upcoming carousel is too large and is cutting off the bottom of Reminders.
  • FIXED: When user edits Reminders, they are reverting back once they navigate away.
  • FIXED: Other Spending bubble shows "NaN%" when a Subcategory expense is offset by a positive transaction.
  • FIXED: Pressing the back arrow on the Investments Balances page and the Planned Spending expense drill-down page doesn't return the user to the previous page.
  • FIXED: Recurring Credit Card Payments with $0.00 as the Amount won't hide in the Spending Plan.
  • FIXED: Magnifying glass icon in Add Account modal is not correctly aligned on Safari.
  • FIXED: Bills & Income section and Projected Other Spending are cut off in the Spending Plan.
  • FIXED: Target Goal Date is not displayed on the Edit Goal modal.
  • FIXED: 'Uh Oh' page displayed when Invitee navigates to Settings > Spaces & sharing.
  • FIXED: 'Ignore from Reports' transactions are not displayed on the Spent Dashboard card.
  • FIXED: Marking transactions as 'Reviewed' is reverting to 'Unreviewed' intermittently.
  • FIXED: Issues with Planned Spending items when created for both child and parent Categories.
  • FIXED: Able to interact with Status chips on transactions.
  • FIXED: Only one side of Recurring Linked Transfers are being ignored in the Spending Plan.
  • FIXED: User's Other Spending total is miscalculated.
  • FIXED: End Date calendar doesn't pop up when creating a Recurring Series.
  • FIXED: Spending Plan header disappears when selecting a prior month.
  • FIXED: Able to create a Transfer to a closed account.
  • FIXED: Able to create duplicate Planned Spending items for the same Category.
  • FIXED: Editing a Recurring Bill that's for a positive amount automatically changes the amount to a negative amount.
  • FIXED: Intermittently forced to go through the Getting Started flow after deleting all accounts.
  • FIXED: UI/visual issues with the Net Worth Report graph in Dark Mode.
  • FIXED: User's Reminders are duplicated in the Spending Plan.
  • FIXED: 'Average' for Savings Goals is displaying the "Saved so far" amount.
  • FIXED: 'Ahead/Behind/On Track' chip is incorrect when contributing to a Savings Goal with an uneven Monthly Contribution dollar amount.
  • FIXED: Long Tag names are going outside of the 'Tag' field.
  • FIXED: Transaction register tooltips persist when hovering off.
  • FIXED: Visual issue in the error message displayed when creating a transaction for an invalid amount.
  • FIXED: Linked Transfer Transactions are showing us "Unknown" in the Other Spending bubbles.
  • FIXED: User is unable to create new Planned Spending expenses.
  • FIXED: User's Projected Other Spending is grayed out.
  • FIXED: 'Apply to Past Transactions' is always disabled when editing an existing Category Rule.
  • FIXED: 'Saved so far' amount for Savings Goals is truncated when the amount includes change and ends in "0".
  • FIXED: Alignment issues with amounts and tooltips on the Investment pages.
  • FIXED: Tags cannot be created after a Savings Goal is created with an existing Tag.
  • FIXED: Available to spend 'per day' amount is missing in future month's Spending Plans.
  • FIXED: Error pops up in the Category field when deleting a Category.
  • FIXED: Savings Goal Contributions & Withdraws are creating Spending Plan Transactions.
  • FIXED: Various errors and crashes.
  • UPDATED: Removed the 'new month' popup in the Spending Plan.
  • UPDATED: 'Date' Filter for Investment Performance and Investment Balance graphs.
  • UPDATED: Expected Refunds to display as transactions in Other Spending.
  • UPDATED: Settings > Category page design and functionality.
  • UPDATED: Uncheck selected transactions after merging them.
  • UPDATED: "Edit Transaction" to "View Transaction" in transaction registers.
  • UPDATED: Hide the Filter icon on the Transaction Activity registers in Reports.
  • UPDATED: Loading state of the Spending Plan.
  • UPDATED: Design of Spending Plan page.
  • UPDATED: Set the minimum 'Next Date' for the Edit Series modal to either the current date or any previous date up to the last 'past' date.
  • UPDATED: Hide the "Spending" section from the Savings Goals page.
  • UPDATED: Performance improvements were made to Transaction registers.
  • UPDATED: Changed "Ignore" to 'Exclude from Reports' and 'Exclude from Spending Plan'.
  • UPDATED: All +Add buttons to be consistent with the new design.
  • UPDATED: View/Edit/Create Recurring Series dialog for Linked Transfers due to the addition of the 'Transfers and Credit Card Payments' bucket in the Spending Plan.
  • ADDED: 'Transfers and Credit Card Payments' bucket in the Spending Plan.

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