Ability to create Category Rules based on keywords for the Payee (edited)

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Ending text in "Payee names" vary on monthly basis, having a rule to auto assign payee into a category based on some word/text rule would help..

Example below

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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @a7790,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community!

    I'm not sure that I'm following your suggestion — do you want each of the individual transactions that are shown in the screenshot to be assigned different Payee Names? Or where would the "word/text" come into play and how would Simplifi be able to identify it during the process of assigning a change based on a Transaction Rule?

    I'd suggest checking out our Support Article on how Transaction Rules work to see if you can identify something in the Payee Name as it is to rename and assign a Category. For example, if you want all of the transactions in question to be assigned the same Category, you can use a common denominator found in the Payee Name to create a Payee Rule, such as "Manual" and "Db-bkrg" to rename to something simple. Then you'd create a Category Rule for that Payee. You'd then have the same Payee and Category assigned to all of the transactions automatically.


    Or, if you're looking for something like a Quickfill Rule where you can manually edit the downloaded transaction with a certain "word" and have it assign a change to the transaction, I'd suggest adding your vote here. Additionally, we have an existing Idea post available here requesting the ability to assign Transaction Rules based on Amounts and Accounts that may help with what you're looking for.

    Please let us know so we can best assist!

    -Coach Natalie

  • a7790
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    thanks for the feedback. So the current way to auto categorize is to add a rule to check repeating text in payee name and change it to a “common payee name” and then add another rule to put that common payee name into the category.
    This is double work and the data will lose the original payee name. Why not just have a feature to add a rule to detect text in payee name and auto categorize ?

  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @a7790,

    Thanks for confirming!

    I have gone ahead and turned this into an Idea post requesting the ability to create Category Rules based on keywords for the Payee so other users can vote on it and our Product Team can review it.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

  • Biff
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    Upvote for this. Here's another example I shared in a separate thread using Zelle transactions:

    I've noticed Zelle transactions have unique IDs, so even if part of the Payee is the same, the unique ID within each Payee name forces Simplifi to treat it as a unique entry in the list.

    I'd like to set up a Rule to categorize all Zelle transactions with matching parts of the transaction.

    For example, "Zelle Transfer Conf#abcdefg123 Toys"
    I'd like to set up a rule where all "Zelle Transfer" + "Toys" are categorized as Toys.

  • mythdirection

    Upvote for this. Totally agree with a7790 about the downsides for the two step process and loss of original payee name vs. benefits of making the category assignment logic more robust and accommodating category assignment based on wildcard or text matching in payee. Would love to see this feature

  • davidorelowitz

    I strongly vote for this wildcard renaming or categorizing feature. I did exist in the desktop version of Quicken. Feels like a step backwards not to have it.

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    It is somewhat confusing to have Simplifi renamed to Quicken Simplifi, because some folks tend to assume that this is the mobile version of Quicken.

    It is not. This is a completely new product created from the ground up.

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  • Arock77
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    Some merchants transactions have different names each time you use them(usually a number). (a parking garage I use, for instance)

    I can't create a rule to catch all of them into the category I want.

    Need to be able to say the payee contains the word "insert word"

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