"Next Date" for recurring series INCONSISTENT

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I can best illustrate this problem with screenshots:

  1. From list of recurring series, the next date is -correctly- shown as July 17:

2. If I edit that series from that screen the date is -incorrectly- shown as (possibly because this date was deleted with DELETE REMINDER rather than matching it) June 17:

Please make the recurring next dates consistent, and IMHO, the next date in the list of recurring reminders seems to know the correct NEXT date.

Rob Wilkens



  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @RobWilk,

    Thanks for reporting this behavior to the Community!

    I don't think this is a bug — when editing a Reminder, you're just editing that one single instance, which should not impact the associated Recurring Series. Since the Series is set to occur on or around a specific date each month, changing the 'Next Date' in the Recurring Series modal itself would change it to that date for every month, which is not the intention when editing a single Reminder.

    Instead, it looks like the Series is designed to stay in line with the original date until that date has passed, and then it will move to the next date in the Series. This is also why we make sure that the entire Series wasn't edited after editing a single Reminder in reports of Reminder date edits reverting, such as what you reported here.

    With that said, although I can see how this design can cause issues with Reminder date edits reverting if the entire Series is subsequently edited, I personally think it makes more sense to not allow Reminder edits to interfere with the entire Series. However, if you'd like to see this changed in Simplifi, I'd suggest creating an Idea post requesting it. 🙂

    -Coach Natalie

  • RobWilk
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    Except I disagree that "it stays in line with the original date until the date has passed, and then move to the next date". I have already posted elsewhere that it can have a next date months in the past.

    My concern is the discrepency between the two next dates.

    Rob Wilkens

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